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The artwork is painted on canvas and has a size of 50 x 60 cm.
I thought of galaxies, of silver moonlight and stardust.
A night sky that is reflected in the water.
Price 330.00 euros
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About me

Susanne Kurwig is an abstract, expressionit painter from Nettetal/Germany.

Bright colors, floral & organic shapes find space in her paintings as impressions from nature, her inner world.

Colorful contrasts and strong rhythms float together in an imaginative harmony. The joie de vivre of her work takes the viewer along, creates emotional touches of vitality.

By using different art supplies like acrylic, oilpastel, ink, pen, spraypaint, structure gel and more, every artwork tells its story. 

From a place of intuition, combined with knowledge about colors and material she builds up the painting layer by layer and expressive marks.

"Lagune Galactic"
"Color Magic Series"

This series of 10 paintings in 3 different formats shows my lively, colorful painting style with reference to the floral forms of nature. These abstract images are diverse, multi-layered and also show delicate colors. The painting surface is heavy artist paper. The finished painting was drawn onto a larger canvas. The surface is provided with a protective varnish. The painting can be hang on the wall

Susanne Kurwig is an artist from Germany / Düsseldorf.      
She sells her paintings worldwide.

" Your pictures put you in a good mood! The vibrancy of the color inspires the imagination" - Sabine M.

"Beautiful art. I bought several pieces for our new home and love the vibrant colors and intricate texture of each painting. the painting are even more stunning in person than       on the website. The shipping was fast, the paintings were packed with great care and the communication with the seller was easy" - Katharina K.

Welcome to the gallery!


My studio has two gallery rooms. Here you can view the paintings live without obligation. I will be happy to advise you and answer your questions. Please make an appointment for this .

I am looking forward to your visit!


The online painting course
for your own painting

In this online course I will guide you to paint an abstract, intuitive, expressively colored painting. We paint on heavy artist paper. You can also implement the techniques shown on a canvas. At the moment the course is only available in German. The price is
42,00 Euro. You can find information about
the course



Music project

"Brushes and Strings of NYC"

by pianist

Margin Alexander

This event in the format of a "music exhibition" is a small instrumental concert.  Margin Alexander, composer and pianist from New York, selected the works of a dozen different visual artists whose works inspired him to compose original music. Every artist has the opportunity to exhibit their work virtually and have it briefly explained by the composer after each musical act. I am very happy to be part of this project with my paintings.

The concert will take place online on September 29, 2021. Tickets are available here .

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