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With over 10,000 visits per week, Artistcloseup is the fastest growing art blog on the internet. You can find the interview here .

The interview on

With over 10,000 visits per week, Artistcloseup is the fastest growing art blog on the internet. You can find the interview with me  here .

Painting Style

Susanne Kurwig is an abstract, expressionist painter.

Luminous colors, floral & organic shapes find their place in your pictures as impressions from nature, your inner world.

Colorful contrasts and strong rhythms float  together in an imaginative harmony. The joie de vivre of your work takes the viewer with it, creating emotional touches of liveliness.

Through the use of different painting media such as acrylic, oil pastel, ink, pen, color spray, structure gel and more, each work of art tells its story. 

From a place of intuition, combined with knowledge of colors and materials, she builds up the picture layer by layer and with expressive details.


1978 - 1980, education art glassworks, staatl. Glasfachschule Rheinbach

1997 - 2000, part-time study of painting according to the painter Beppe Assenza at the Hochschulverein Novalis in Kamp-Lintfort (Beppe Assenza was a Sicilian painter, inspired by Rudolf Steiner's work on the essence of colors, the study of colors became central in his painting. He came to Switzerland to Basel and founded the Assenza Painting School in Dornach in 1968)

2001, year of study at the IBKK in Bochum

2007 - 2013 member of the art - Förderverein Suedgang e.V. in Krefeld



2012, different courses at the Art Academy in Trier


since 2010, various courses

at the art academy in Trier


2014 - today member of the art scene in Nettetal


2015 - 2020, various online workshops

and offline courses.

With the themes: abstract and intuitive painting,

mixed media painting, pictorial invention,

Image composition, concepts

  • 2020, Art Fair Artpul, Emmerich

  • 2020, Exhibition in the Art Cafe Liesgen

  • 2019, Exhibition St.Irmgardis Hospital, Süchteln

  • 2018, Exhibition Restaurant Kulisse, Krefeld

  • 2018, Solo Exhibition Gallery 48/11, Dülken

  • 2018, OpenArt Festival, Viersen

  • 2018, Spring Exhibition, KunstSzene Nettetal

  • 2017, 0penArt Festival, Viersen

  • 2016, Atelier - Exhibition, KunstSzene Nettetal

  • 2016, Artwork Workart Exhibition, Krefeld

  • 2015, Atelier - Exhibition, Kunst Szene Nettetal

  • 2015, 20 years Expo, Alte Fabrik in Nettetal

  • 2014, Atelier - Exhibition, Kunst Szene Nettetal

  • 2013, Suedgang in Krefeld

  • 2013, In the name of the Lippischen Rose "Art- and Designprice"

  • 2012, Atelier-Exhibition, Suedgang in Krefeld

  • 2012, Art and Design im Greifenhorst in Krefeld