I paint floral impressions - I am guided by inspirations from nature, from my garden, the sky, the earth, the sun and the wind.



Hello, my name is Susanne Kurwig.

Artist & painter

I want to inspire the viewer with my art, bring color and joy into their lives.

My painting is created on different painting grounds. I paint on canvas, paper, wood and foamboard in a mixed technique. With acrylic paints, Indian ink, color spray, oil pastels, pens. I also use collage papers and stencils. Some pictures are available as high quality art prints on paper.

I love colored contrasts and a strong rhythm with which I bring each picture together to create an imaginative harmony.

Every month you will see the "picture of the month" here.
The picture in April is "Space Blossoms"
I regularly do meditations to relax my mind and find inner peace for creative expression. In one of my last meditations, I saw colorful flowers floating in front of my inner eye from heaven to earth and me. Every blossom was a gift of light
of peace and joy.
Acrylic paint, Indian ink, oil pastels on canvas, 80 x 80 cm,
Varnished with UV protection, price 520.00 euros

Susanne Kurwig is an artist from Germany / Düsseldorf.      

She sells her paintings worldwide.

" Your pictures put you in a good mood! The vibrancy of the color inspires the imagination" - Sabine M.

"Beautiful art. I bought several pieces for our new home and love the vibrant colors and intricate texture of each painting. the painting are even more stunning in person than       on the website. The shipping was fast, the paintings were packed with great care and the communication with the seller was easy" - Katharina K.

Aktuelle Arbeiten

"Color Magic" series

This series of 10 paintings in 3 different formats shows my lively, colorful painting style with reference to the floral forms of nature. These abstract images are diverse, multi-layered and also show delicate colors. The painting surface is heavy artist paper. The finished painting was drawn onto a larger canvas. The surface is provided with a protective varnish. The painting can be hang on the wall

"Sunrise & Sunset series"

This series includes 2 paintings in sunny colors. The surface of the painting is a canvas in the format 40cm x 50cm. I used acrylic paint and oil pastels and a piece of collage paper with an Asian pattern on it. The application of paint consists of individual color areas that create a contrast or blend in harmony with one another. Details in the form of different oil pastels connect or emphasize the surfaces.

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My studio has two gallery rooms. Here you can view the paintings live without obligation.   I will be happy to advise you and answer your questions. Please make an appointment for this .


I am looking forward to your visit!

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