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Susanne Kurwig is an abstract, intuitive painter

Susanne Kurwig's paintings shine with vibrant colors and floral, organic forms that serve as impressions of nature and her inner world. The artworks breathe vibrant contrasts and intense rhythms, blending in imaginative harmony.


Her work radiates joy and can deeply touch the viewer with many emotions. Through various painting techniques, including acrylic, oil pastel, ink, pen, spray paint, texture gel, and more, her artworks each tell their unique story.


From a place of intuition, combined with knowledge of colors and materials, she builds the picture layer by layer with expressive details.

Susanne Kurwig, abstract expressionist artist in her studio in Nettetal, Germany


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Susanne Kurwig's Abstract Intuitive Paintings
  • 1978 - 1980, art glassworks, state glass school Rheinbach​

  • 1997 - 2000, part-time study of painting according to Beppe Assenza at the Novalis University Association in Kamp-Lintfort (Beppe Assenza was a Sicilian painter, inspired by Rudolf Steiner's work on the nature of colors, the exploration of colors became central to his painting. He came in Switzerland to Basel and founded the Assenza painting school in Dornach in 1968)

  • 2001 - academic year at the IBKK in Bochum​

  • 2007 - 2013 Member of the art support association Suedgang e.V. in Krefeld

  • from 2010 - various art courses at the Art Academy in Trier

  • 2014 - today member of the Nettetal art scene

  • since 2015, various workshops, courses, online and offline,  with the topics: abstract and intuitive painting,Mixed media painting, image creation, Image structure, concepts

Kreatives Atelier von Susanne Kurwig_ Farbenfrohe Kunstwerke an der Wand.


  • 2023 Atelier Exhibition KunstScene Nettetal

  • 2023 FineArt Festival Lembeck Castle

  • 2023 OpenArt Festival in Viersen

  • 2022 Atelier - Exhibition KunstScene Nettetal

  • 2020 Artpul - innovative art fair, Emmerich

  • 2020 Artist Cafe Liesgen, Krefeld

  • 2019 Studio - exhibition, art scene Nettetal

  • 2019 ParkArt, Clemenswerth Castle in Sögel

  • 2019 Exhibition in St.Irmgardis Hospital, Süchteln

  • 2018 Exhibition in the Bühne restaurant, Krefeld

  • 2018 Exhibition in Galerie 48/11, Dülken

  • 2018 OpenArt Festival, Viersen

  • 2018 Spring exhibition of the art scene, Nettetal

  • 2017 0penArt Festival, Viersen

  • 2016 Studio - exhibition, ArtScene Nettetal

  • 2016 Work of art Werkkunst exhibition in Krefeld

  • 2016 Studio - exhibition, ArtScene in Nettetal

  • 2016 Work of art Werkkunst exhibition in Krefeld

  • 2015 Studio - exhibition, ArtScene Nettetal

  • 2015 20 Years Expo, Old Factory in Nettetal

  • 2014 Atelier - Exhibition, ArtScene Nettetal

  • 2013 Guest exhibitor at Suedgang in Krefeld

  • 2013 In the name of the Lippischen Rose "Art- and Designprice" in Lippstadt

  • 2012 Art and Design exhibition in the Greifenhorst in Krefeld

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