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Spring pastel colors with structure

I have created a small format series of four paintings on thick MDF boards. On the back of the MDF board is already a hole to hang the artwork on the wall. I first applied sand texture paste to the surface. The first layer of paint is acrylic paint in pastel tones (pink, light yellow, turquoise). The color patches in dark red care made with liquid acrylic paint, which I freely applied directly from the bottle.

Further accents followed in white and orange. With oil pastels in neon blue and pink I have set small, vivid marks. The line-shaped elements were designed with an acrylic pen in orange and a China Marker in black, whereby I have taken back the intensity of the lines again somewhat, by painting over them with some white partially. The paintings have a format of 15x15x3cm and are available in my EtsyShop.


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